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Evoke an Emotion With Your Website

By clever use of images and colours we can design a website which will project a mood or emotion onto a customer. The choice of images and colours is something we believe is very important when designing a website, which is why we spend time with our clients discussing what kind of mood or message they would like to convey.

Colors and images give websites meaning without having to use descriptive words. They create a lot of impact, whether you intend for them to or not. They can help move a user’s eye through your site, creating movement and motion that directs users around a page. As seen in many of the corporate sites, they create emotions and values that help show users what the company is about and what kind of products they are selling.

Making Wise Color Choices to Convey a Meaning

Most colors can be taken in a positive or negative manner, depending on how it’s used, the other colors surrounding it, and the connotation of the site itself.

Here are some general meanings of popular colors.



Red symbolizes fire and power and is associated with passion and importance. It also helps to stimulate energy and excitement.

The negative connotations of red are rage, emergency, and anger, which stem from the passionate and aggressive qualities of red.



Orange symbolizes happiness, joy and sunshine. It is a cheerful color, evoking childlike exuberance.

Orange is not as aggressive as red but takes on some of the same qualities, stimulating mental activity. It also symbolizes ignorance and deceit.



Bright yellow is a happy color representing the positive yellow qualities: joy, intelligence, brightness, energy, vitality, optimism, and happiness.

A dingy yellow brings about negative feelings: caution, criticism, laziness, and jealousy.



Green symbolizes nature and has a healing quality. It can be used to symbolize growth and harmony. People feel safe with green. Hospitals often use the color of green.

On the other hand, green is symbolic of money, showing greed or jealousy. It can also be used to symbolize a lack of experience or a beginner in need of growth.



Blue is a peaceful and calming color exuding stability and expertise. It is a common color used in corporate sites because of this. Blue also symbolizes trust and dependability.

A cool shade can bring about the negative side of blue, symbolizing depression, coldness, and passiveness.



Purple is the color of royalty and sophistication showing wealth and luxury. It can also give a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.

 Brighter purples can exude a magical feeling. It’s also good for promoting creativity and feminine qualities.

Darker purples can conjure gloominess and sadness.



Black is often correlated with power, elegance, sophistication, and depth. It is said that wearing black on a job interview can show that the interviewee is a powerful individual, and the same goes with websites.

Black can also be seen negatively because the color is associated with death, mystery and the unknown. It is the color of grief, mourning, and sorrow so it must be used very wisely.



White symbolizes purity and innocence. It also shows cleanliness and safety. Is a great colour for a website with alot of information, where you want a user to be able to quickly navigate the site.

Conversely, white can be seen as cold and distant, symbolizing winter’s harsh and icy qualities.

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